"Mobile is shaping the future! Adapt mobile or Fail. Your choice!"
Praveen Narra
"Get a mobile app.
Phones are the future!"

Praveen’s passion is to add value to everyone he works with


    Praveen Narra’s passion is to add value to each and everyone he works with and serves through his professional and personal life. Praveen Narra strongly believes in the fact that “The whole is greater than the sum of all it’s parts”.

    About Praveen Narra

    Praveen Narra is a serial entrepreneur who founded multiple businesses, author, and international speaker. Praveen Narra is Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Indyzen Inc DBA AppDevelopment.com, Inc. In his 18 year tenure as CEO of the company, Mr. Narra has successfully lead his team of engineers to complete more than 1350 projects in Web, Mobile and other Software platforms.

    Praveen Narra has helped not only Small & Medium sized Businesses, but also Startups as well as Fortune 500 companies. Praveen Narra has also worked very closely with world renowned business leaders such as Tony Robbins. As an International Speaker, Praveen Narra has shared stage with Steve Forbes, Marc Faber and other billionaires. Mr. Narra strongly believes in collaborative win-win relationships, as well as cross-pollination of technologies, skills and connections.